Ways to Locate a Lost Insurance Policy once person is deceased.

Locating lost Life Insurance documents once person is deceased:

Other than the obvious of searching through files, bank safe deposit boxes and other storage places to see if there are any insurance related documents for a lost life insurance policy. Try these helpful steps

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Special Election Period (SEP) for Medicare

Wondering if you or a someone you know that is enrolled with a Medicare Advantage Plan can change plans?   Special Election Periods (SEP) exist throughout the year. Examples of Special Election Period Situations Medicare Advantage (MA) enrollment opportunities exist throughout the year. Examples of actions that can create an SEP for clients include:  • Moving […]

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6 Tips for Saving on Your Auto Policy

When you become a car owner you are legally required to obtain insurance.  You insurance is now a basic requirement and is part of your transportation expense, like fuel, tolls, and routine maintenance.

There are many ways to save money and earn discounts on your auto policy. Here are our top tips for keeping your insurance costs down.

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Have you considered a career in insurance? If you haven’t, then you’re possibly missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime!

The Insurance industry is always looking to add new talent into the industry.   Especially young, talented adults looking for long term careers.   In a rebounding economy, the insurance industry may be appealing to those seeking a new challenge or career.   Why? Well, let’s look at the facts: By the year 2020, the insurance industry will […]

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