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Carlos is a general contractor. As an independent contractor, he has worked hard for many years to build a solid reputation for his company. He has built a small crew of hard working employees, invested in a number of company vehicles and acquired several pieces of equipment and tools that he uses on construction projects.

One day, an employee of his slips from a rafter. The employee is injured and unable to work for a few weeks. The equipment he was carrying is broken beyond repair. While this was going on, another employee who was watching from a company vehicle drove into a column on the neighboring building. Fortunately, Carlos had the forethought to invest in quality Builders Insurance. Thus, all of the damage was covered and his business continues to thrive.

The simple fact of the matter is that accidents are inevitably going to occur on a building site. It may not be today and it may not be tomorrow, but one day you are going to need to file a Builders Risk Insurance claim. When that day does come, you will need the right coverage to ensure all of your Texas construction insurance needs are met and your assets are secure.


How Do I Get Contractor Insurance in Texas? Here’s Your Answer!



Construction insurance companies are critical to the health of your business. But it
can be complicated and confusing. Getting the right coverage isn’t easy
without help from an expert.

You could end up overpaying. You may have insurance you don’t need. Or,
even worse, you could discover too late that you’re not covered for a major
insurance risk that could threaten your business.

But don’t worry! The help you need is right here at ABM Insurance and
Benefit Services, one of the leading agents for contractors insurance in
Houston and beyond.

Wondering about contractor insurance, what does it cover? We can answer
your questions, provide solid advice, and offer full risk and insurance
support from a commercial insurance broker.

And if you’re wondering, do I need insurance as an independent contractor?,
the answer is almost certainly yes.

We’ll customize an insurance plan especially for your business — so you
won’t end up with coverage you don’t need — and then secure some of the
most competitive rates in Texas.


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What happens when one of your employees damages a building?

One of your employees may damage a building accidentally, break a window or drop a hammer. Therefore, it is vital that you take preventative action to make certain that your business is adequately covered when something goes wrong. Construction Liability Insurance will protect you against legal action when an accident happens. Just having the right coverage can save you millions of dollars.

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As a general contractor, one of the most important decisions that you will make is the type of contractors insurance you choose to protect your finances. Of course, the exact answer will depend on the specific type of contracting work that you do. For example, you may work on your customers’ property providing building maintenance or you may provide services on new construction projects.

In the construction industry, a general contractor is faced with a large number of financial risks in addition to the risk of personal injury legal action. In order to reduce such risk, you need a Texas Construction Insurance policy that will cover the cost of property damages, bodily injuries or legal suits.

When you own your own business in Texas, you already have plenty of worries and concerns just keeping your company up and running. Your policy will not only cover you the contractor, but will also provide protection for your clients and employees as well. Your contractors insurance policy will also offer coverage against accidental equipment or property damage as well as compensation for the legal costs and medical fees associated with claims from a third party.


Contractor Insurance Explained

What business insurance company should a contractor have? Like most things in life, it depends…
Over many years, we’ve developed a unique approach to customizing insurance for contractors, built around contractors liability insurance.
This covers you against lawsuits and other costs relating to damage, destruction, injury or even loss of life, caused by you or your employees.
No contractor or sub-contractor should be without this. In fact, many general contractors now require sub-contractors to have this coverage in place before they’ll consider working with them.

Coverage Included In A Builders Risk Insurance Policy

As a Texas contractor, you play a major role in the economy of the state. As you build and grow your company, you contribute to the growth of this region and the quality of life here.

ABM Insurance & Benefit Services Inc. is a Texas construction insurance company that can help you with the protection of your business by focusing on what you do best. Our agents are dedicated to working hard for you to understand the specific needs of your contracting business. We are here to provide you with a Construction Liability Insurance policy that is designed around your unique business needs.


What type of contractor insurance do you need?

  • Contractors General Liability – This coverage will protect you against third party claims of property damage and bodily injury. It will also provide coverage for products, advertisement injury, operations and premises, medical payments and personal injury.
  • Commercial Property Insurance – This will provide you with coverage for buildings as well as personal property.
  • Builders Risk – With Builders Risk Insurance, you will be protected against physical damage of a property while it is under construction. Lenders often require this coverage prior to financing.
  • Equipment Coverage– This coverage will protect the equipment and large tools that you use during the course of conducting business, such as nail guns, generators, welders and other costly equipment.
  • Workers Compensation – As a construction contractor, you are responsible for offering this type of coverage to your employees. In addition, you may also need this protection against subcontractors who may not have this type of coverage for their own employees when working on your projects.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – Any vehicles that are used by your company to conduct business will be required to have this coverage. Personal auto insurance policies do not usually offer coverage for automobiles that are used for business purposes. Therefore, it is crucial that you have the right protection in place.

At ABM Insurance & Benefit Services Inc., we have a construction contract specialist on staff that has 25 years of experience in the industry. We also make it easy for our clients to log into our online portal to create and download certificates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also request or make changes to your Construction Liability Insurance policy with incredible ease.

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