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One of the greatest issues that you may face as a plumber is determining the type of insurance coverage that you need. No two plumbers are alike, some work only on projects in commercial buildings while others do residential work and repairs. Some plumbers also do air conditioning and heating and others do not include such services.

Regardless of the focus of your plumbing business, it is vital that you review all of the various types of work that you accept when you are determining your insurance risk. The most crucial point of purchasing adequate plumbers insurance is using an experienced professional like Mike Alexander to help you every step of the way to design your business policy.

It is important to have an agent that knows the industry and is willing to evaluate your business to determine what you do, the types of jobs you may take in order to predict any unforeseen incidents. Otherwise, when disaster strikes, it could wreak havoc on your plumbing business if you do not have the right policy in place.

The Coverage You Need

As with most other types of businesses, you will need a basic combination of workers compensation, property insurance and general liability. This is the best place to start developing your plumbers insurance policy.

Once you have the right basic coverage options in place, it is time to think about any addition protection that you may need. In most cases, your property and liability coverage can be included in a business owner’s policy, which is typically a less expensive alternative to purchasing separate coverage.

The easiest place to begin is with your general liability coverage. Any type of business, especially plumbers, need to have a good liability policy in place. This type of liability coverage will protect both you and your business against a wide variety of negligence claims.

Next, you need to think about property coverage for your plumbing business. This is actually quite similar to the personal coverage that you have on your homeowner’s insurance policy. This type of insurance will protect your company building and everything within its walls, such as furniture and equipment like computers, copy machines, file cabinets and phones.

If you have employees, you will also need to invest in workers compensation. This will make sure your finances are secure if an employee is injured or becomes ill while on the job. The policy will cover the expenses related to their medical treatments, recovery, lost wages and in the most severe cases, final expenses. All of will be sufficiently taken care of to help your employees get back on their feet without your business taking a major hit financially.

These are only a few of the main areas of plumbers insurance that you can obtain from our office. Many more coverage options are available, such as:

  • Additional expenses and business income – Your loss of income will be covered if your business operations are brought to a halt due to an insured incident.
  • Pollution Coverage – Damages and injuries caused by a sudden or accidental discharge of pollutants.
  • Equipment / Tools – Coverage for your equipment / tools.

A wide array of optional coverage types are available to complement your primary plumbers insurance plan, such as:

  • Employee dishonesty
  • Equipment Coverage
  • Business Interruption
  • Commercial vehicles       
  • Property Insurance
  • Umbrella
  • Workers Compensation

As a plumber, you are well aware of the importance of maintaining property and how easily things can go wrong. This is also the case with your business. For this reason, it is especially crucial that you have the right plumbers insurance policy in place to protect your business.

If something goes wrong on a job or a client decides to take legal action against you, you could stand to lose your financial stability and possibly your entire business. Without the right level of coverage, you could be risking everything.

With ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc., you can rest assured that you will be getting a plumbers insurance policy that effectively reflects all of the needs of your business. Obtaining the best coverage does not have to be a stressful or difficult task. In fact, it is really quite simple. All you have to do it click on the quote request button to get started right away.

On the very next plumbing job that you take, an accident can happen that damages your client’s property. You could send one of your employees to pick up additional equipment and they pull out in front of an oncoming vehicle on the way. Unexpected disaster could be waiting for you the next time you take a call, so do not hesitate any longer. Protect your business today.