Solving Your Houston Medicare Worries

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When people say they can’t see the wood for the trees, they could be talking about Medicare, the bewildering array of health insurance options for retirement and disability.

Your entitlement and your options depend on numerous factors and there are so many plans from different insurers, anyone could easily end up paying more than their fellow citizens for less effective cover.

To make things worse, you can be penalized for applying at the wrong time, and the relative offerings and performance of individual Medigap, Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drugs Plans (Part D) change from year to year.

To make sense of this and be guided to the Medicare program that’s best for you, you need expert help. In that case, look no further than the Medicare specialists at ABM Insurance & Benefit Services.

The ABM Medicare Team

We’ve been providing Medicare plans in Houston and across Texas for more than 25 years, keeping pace with the system’s complex changes and keeping our clients one step ahead.

The ABM Medicare team can explain and help you:

  • Understand the protection and limitations of any continuing health insurance you have via your employer.
  • Understand the way Medicare operates and affects you.
  • Choose between a Medicare Advantage Plan or a stand alone Prescription Drugs Plan (Part D) plus Medigap.
  • Select a Medigap insurer and Medicare Supplement Insurance category that best meets your needs, if appropriate.
  • Avoid penalties by ensuring your applications are filed at the right time.
  • Review your Medigap and Prescription Drugs Plan (Part D) coverage or your Medicare Advantage Plan annually, so you always have the best possible protection at the most competitive price, and make changes at the right time.

No-Obligation Medicare Help

Making the kind of decisions these choices involve can by difficult and worrying, even if you have support from your employer. Having someone like an ABM Medicare expert who will take the time to address your concerns and ensure you’re properly informed and protected can make all the difference to your budget and your peace of mind.  Download your FREE MEDICARE STARTER KIT (CLICK) HERE

If you already have Medicare or are ready to apply — or even if you’re not sure if you’re entitled — let ABM help. Simply complete our Free Quote request here. There’s no cost and absolutely no obligation, so do it right now. Now relax.


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