Healthcare Cooperative

Making Healthcare Affordable Again!

Patient and Physician cooperatives are not new.  They have been around for years and are a valid form of healthcare financing.   A coop is a group of physicians and medical providers that form a group for the purpose of providing healthcare coverage to its members. Patients join the coop and receive traditional medical care by the coop providers.   In many coops, the organization purchases an insurance policy for its members to help with procedures not provided by the coop providers, such as Hospitalization, Surgical procedures, Prescription drugs, etc.


Advantages of joining a coop

  • Cost –   In most cases, the cost of joining the coop is far less than traditional medical insurance.
  • Out of Pocket Cost –  Cost for medical care is significantly reduced when using a coop provider
  • Local –  The coop providers are local and work in same community as the members therefore, can work and refer to other coop provider for necessary treatments

What good is healthcare coverage, if you cannot afford to access care?

After spending hours on the phone and internet discovering that the market does not provide many options to you, you purchase an individual insurance plan with a $7,350 deductible.  You spend A LOT of money each month and when you need to access care, you realize that the plan you are spending all this money on, has a large deductible and you cannot afford to go to the doctor or pick up a prescription.   Sound familiar?

This has become a common and unfortunate consequence of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).   Out of Pocket cost increase while premiums for traditional health insurance sky rocket.   

There has to be a better alternative

The patient Physicians Cooperative (PPC) is making healthcare affordable again.   Local doctors caring for local patients without insurance companies or governmental bureaucrats telling us what is covered and what is not covered.


Select a option that meets your needs.   Whether you are seeking healthcare for yourself or family, the PPC provides an AFFORDABLE alternative for routine medical care.

  • Physician Services –   Receive medical care from a PPC provider and pay $0 for unlimited visits.
  • Labs / Imaging – Utilize a PPC provider for labs and imaging and pay $0
  • Dental / Vision – PPC plans include a discount dental and vision program
  • Combine with a hospital indemnity plan to add Hospital coverage

What will the PPC cost?

The PPC plan start at  $109 per month with an initial $25 application fee.

How to join


To join the PPC, Complete the form on this page or call 800-362-2809.

Individual       and            Group Plan Options