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Houston Health Industry Insurance

In January of 2015, a woman was awarded more than eight million dollars from a medical malpractice lawsuit after she suffered brain damage. The woman was treated at a medical center where her blood sugar was not properly monitored, which resulted in physical injuries and permanent brain damage.

That same month, a couple sued a medical facility for alleged malpractice. The wife was a patient with complaints of the inability to urinate after a history of atrial fibrillation, which required medication to thin her blood. Because of her medical condition, the woman’s coagulation times should have been checked, but she was not cared for properly according to the claim.

In February of 2015, a husband sought legal action after the death of his wife following a cosmetic procedure. The wrongful death suit claims that those who performed the procedure were not licensed to do so.

Whether you are in charge of a medical device company, medical facility or ancillary medical provider, you need health industry insurance with the Health Care Liability Insurance to protect your business against loss. If you are a specialist that works out of a small office, you may find the ideal coverage in a package of insurance solutions. If you have a larger operation, you will also need to include coverage options that will meet your specific needs.

Health Industry Insurance covers everything from the patients that you treat to your employees who at risk of slipping and falling while on the job. In addition, your equipment and vehicles are also adequately covered. The right insurance can even help you recover from the financial losses associated with the destruction of your accounts receivable records.

General Liability Protection

It does not matter if you own a sole proprietorship or run a major corporation, extensive and profound expertise is available to protect you and your employees in the event of a lawsuit. From a patient or visitor that slips and falls in your parking lot to an injury that is the result of the use of your product, general liability insurance will provide coverage for expenses associated with any out-of-court settlements, court judgments and litigation. Your Health Care Liability Insurance policy may include protection against a number of claims, such as:

  • Advertising injury
  • Bodily injury
  • Personal injury
  • Property damage

In addition, cyber liability insurance can offer protection for you against the related expenses of data breaches, privacy violations and cyber-attacks.

Protection Tailored To The Healthcare Industry

ABM Insurance & Benefit Services Inc. has a team of knowledgeable specialists that maintain a deep understanding of the Texas business climate and your specific coverage needs. As a health care professional, a malpractice suit may be brought against you unexpectedly. At such critical time, you need the reassurance of professional health insurance industry.

In the litigious world of today, a simple accident or injury can rapidly intensify into a claim against you personally. This may result in the loss of thousands of dollars due to legal fees as well as the loss of valuable time away from the workplace. Therefore, Medical Malpractice Insurance has become essential in protecting those who work in medical professions. Thanks to the ABM Insurance & Benefit Services Inc. Health Industry Insurance programs, health professionals now have access to insurance coverage and peace of mind.

We have specialized coverage for healthcare professionals at affordable rates. This means that you can rest easy with the knowledge that you have comprehensive coverage from a carrier that you can trust.

Protect Your Employees

An important part of business operation is making certain that your employees are safe when they are at work. However, if an injury does occur, workers compensation will provide you as well as your employees with imperative protection.

Workers compensation will cover medical treatments and lost wages that result from a work-related illness or injury. Commercial insurance brokers will also provide coverage for services that may be necessary to help with recovery so the employ is able to return to work.

Property Insurance For Your Healthcare Business

If a major storm, downed power lines, faulty equipment or fire destroys your business property, you need confidence that your business will be able to recover as quickly as possible with little disruptions. With the right property insurance, your business space and its contents will be adequately protected. You may also be able to obtain coverage for lost income as well as other expenses that are incurred while your company doors are closed.

With ABM Insurance & Benefit Services Inc., you will find the right Health Care Liability Insurance solution from a professional business insurance company. Our health industry insurance package solutions bundle key property and general liability coverages with professional liability, cyber coverage, malpractice insurance, allied professional insurance, workers compensation, spoilage coverage and equipment coverage that is tailored to meet the needs of your healthcare business.