Attract, Retain and Motivate Employees in your Company

We often write about ways that employers can Attract, Retain and Motivate the top talent in their industry.    In fact, our principal wrote a book about it – “Employee Benefits Blueprint: Your Secret Weapon to Attract, Motivate and Retain Quality Employees”,  – CLICK HERE TO ORDER A COPY

Every employer is looking for ways to win the talent battle.   One of the tools recommended by the author, Mike Alexander, Jr. and our company  ABM Insurance and Benefit Services, Inc., is to conduct employee surveys.   It is a free and efficient way to determine culture and value.  Download the book and read examples of how employee surveys changed culture and the direction of the employee benefit offering.

Conducting employee surveys is an effective way for employers to gain insights into their organization’s culture and employee satisfaction. It can help improve retention rates, increase productivity, and boost morale. Employee surveys can provide organizations with valuable feedback, including greater employee honesty, increased big-picture thinking, and early warnings of dissatisfaction or potential turnover. When developing employee surveys, employers should consider the questions asked, survey format, timing, and length. Conducting a survey is only effective if the employer uses the results to make improvements, and it’s crucial to communicate survey purpose, encourage participation, and ensure anonymity.  Our team at ABM employees the use of an interactive and anonymous system that encourages participation    We cab create and develop programs for every business and organization (from 5 employees to 5,000) with incredible success. These Employee surveys provide valuable insights that can help organizations make informed decisions to create positive workplace changes and Employee Benefit Programs that will:  Attract, Motivate and Retain Quality Employees.

If you and your company need help revising your Employee Benefit Programs –  To Save Money, Increase Benefits, and illustrate value to employees –  You must call our team at ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc.   We have;  comprehensive programs,  to Minimal Essential Coverage options to avoid fines imposed through the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care).

Trust us to :

1: Provide the best value for your company

2: Provide support to your company and employees 

3: Provide Compliance through professional employee benefit guides, online enrollment, etc.

4: Provide Tax savings that will reduce the cost of the programs to you and your employees

5: Provide an advocacy program for you and your employees ( We serve as an ad hoc HR group for hundreds of employers)

Call us of you would like to discuss your options and or need additional information.   As a 32 year old, family owned independent agency, we work with all licensed providers and can provide you with the best value for your Employee Benefit Coverage.   Call us at 281- 448-3040 or 800-362-2809   Ask to speak with Mike Alexander Jr. or Mark Evans –  Both are senior advisors with combined experience of over 70 years.