Open Enrollment for Individuals and Families under 65 Years of Age

Open enrollment for Individual and Families on the exchange will begin Nov 1st for Jan 2023 effective dates.  If you want to enroll in a plan, change your plan, you must do so before Dec 15th.   If you do not enroll during this time, you must wait until next year (2024) to enroll in a plan, unless you have a qualifying event.  If you are not enrolled because you did not think you could afford it, call our office at 800-362-2809.  The Federal Government has increased subsidy funding and many more individuals / families qualify for governmental subsidies that could dramatically reduce the cost.

If you currently have a plan that is not changing, you do not have to do anything.

If you do not have coverage, call us 800-362-2809 or Visit our website (CLICK HERE)

Small Businesses with less than 20 employees should consider offering a program that would allow your business to sponsor a program and allow the Government to subsidize the cost –   Conditions apply – Call to discuss


We also offer Individual Patient Physician Cooperatives that provide benefits as low as $109 / month.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

We have a program for every person and every budget.    Call us at 800-362-2809 or visit us at


Also check out our (No Waiting Period) Dental and Vision (CLICK HERE)