Got the Message?

April 11, 2018

This was the head line on the first page of the Houston Chronicle (click here for the full article). “Got the message?  Buy flood insurance”, written by Mihir Zaveri in the April 11th 2018 edition.    Harris county is planning a massive billboard campaign, aimed at making Houston and surrounding area residents aware of the need for flood insurance.    Hurricane Harvey, devastated our city and 83% of the 1.4 million buildings lacked flood insurance, according to Zaveri.

Of the areas impacted through the city, most were not considered flood prone areas or zoned in a designated flood zone.

You did not have to be directly impacted by the flooding to be effected.    My neighborhood was not impacted by the flooding but neighborhoods to the the north of our community were under water.   When the waters receded, we packed our tools and sought out to help people in need.    My sister-n-law lost everything and we spent days throwing away damaged belongings and ripping out damaged walls.

After a Flood, FEMA does provide assistance for those in need with grants and low interest loans but many were not aware that certain, specific criteria must be met.  Additionally, having helped many of our clients, neighbors and friends through the process with FEMA and or Flood insurance claims, the cost to repair and replace your property is significantly more than you may think.

If our office can provide you with information or be of assistance in any way, call us at 800-362-2809 or visit our flood website (click here).