Plumbers Insurance – Houston, Spring, Conroe, Webster, Texas

Plumbers have a unique skill set that is vital to creating a safe, building code compliant home or business property for their customers. Houston, Texas
plumbers must ensure that they have the right liability insurance, equipment insurance and workers compensation insurance to fit their
business and they must go through an experienced agency in order to make sure they meet all Texas insurance requirements.

What is Liability Insurance for Plumbers?

No matter how careful you or your employees are accidents can happen in the line of work each day. And even mistaken accusations can be raised by customers
who think that your work is responsible for a problem their property has. Liability insurance can help pay damages and court costs when you or your
employees are accused of performing work that caused additional problems or damages, even when you haven’t.

Why do You Need Worker’s Compensation?

If you have employees, you are responsible for paying their payroll and medical expenses if they are injured at work. Worker’s
compensation insurance can protect your business from these costs without your employees suffering.

We have 28 years of experience helping plumbers navigate the waters of general liability insurance and other commercial insurance coverage options. When
you work with us, you can rest assured that your general liability and workers compensation exposure is covered through your dedicated insurance portfolio
built to withstand the needs of your unique business.


ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc.

We have been providing Houston businesses with complete commercial insurance coverage since 1988. Our well-trained agents understand the distinct
requirements and exposures each type of business faces. As an independent agent, we work with many different carriers, which allows us to offer you the
best coverage at the best rates. We work closely with our business clients to provide coverage for their company cars, operations, products, assets,
employees and more.