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Mike Alexander Sr, your trusted Medicare advisor

With 28 years experience, Mike earned respect in the insurance industry as a Medicare expert  His knowledge and experience have made him a trusted Advisor.  In addition to his numerous speaking engagements, Mike, conducts seminars throughout the years as well as individual “One-on-One” consultations.

To learn about upcoming speaking engagements or seminars, please contact our office at 281-448-3040.   If you would like to arrange a meeting with Mike or his staff, call Crystal Calaway at 28-448-3040.


Are you or someone you love turning 65?   If so, you need this kit.

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In this FREE report, you will lean:

  • -What is Medicare
  • -What is Part A, Part B, Part D
  • -How you can enroll in Medicare
  • -What you can do to cover out-of-pocket cost that Medicare does not cover
  • -What options are available
  • -How to determine what is best for you and your love ones

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