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Temp Staffing Agency Insurance to protect you and your team

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When it comes to insurance, temporary staffing agencies, rerouting agencies and headhunters are rather unique. Depending on the type of agency that you operate, professional liability, and workers compensation are among your largest expenses and greatest exposures. These organizations vary much more than many other types of businesses.

ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc has the right temporary staffing agency business insurance policy for you regardless of the type of staffers you place, such as:

  • Office workers
  • Professionals, such doctors or lawyers
  • Lumber yards and sawmills
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction

Temporary Staffing Agency Business Insurance programs are available that do any of the following:

  • Direct payments
  • Permanent hires
  • Try-before-you-buy programs
  • PEO
  • Payroll services

Our experienced agents have the expertise and the resources to provide you with quality advice on the best way to insure your headhunting, rerouting or staffing agency and effectively protect your investment.

Temporary Staffing Agencies Wear Many Hats

Your staffing agency may provide a wide variety of employment-related services or you may focus on one particular industry. Offered service generally involve placing a worker in a permanent position, sending a customer company a specific type of employee, providing temporary help or short-term workers or even offering job counseling to workers in some cases.

It is rather crucial that you make certain that the worker looking for employment, the operation of employment as well as the customer company that needs the worker have a firm understanding of the conditions and terms of your employment agreement. You need to have an exacting predetermined definition in place that explains the obligations and responsibilities of the provided coverage, payments, taxes and any employee benefits. Most of all, you need to have a good Temp Staffing Insurance plan in place that meets the unique requirements of your agency.

Workers Compensation

When shopping for the right insurance policy for your agency, Workers Compensation coverage is a good place to start. You most likely understand what workers comp is and the reason that you see it, since your primary business assets are your workers.

It is important to keep in mind that not only does this type of coverage protect your employees, but it will also protect your firm from litigation that those employees may bring to you. It is crucial that your workers compensation comes through an experienced agent so that you can get the most benefit possible for your premium. ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc can provide you with Temporary Staffing Agency Insurance that will meet these specific needs and keep you protected.

Not only do we understand everything involved in workers compensation, you will also have access to special resources that can save you money while providing you with the coverage that you need. Even if you already have a workers compensation policy through another provider, you can receive help to change over your policy and start saving money right away without any penalties or policy lapses.

Professional Liability

Another main expense and risk exposure concern for rerouting agencies, headhunter and temporary staffing agencies is Professional Liability Insurance. Unfortunately, a large number of agencies are working under the misconception that the general liability that they have with their business owner’s policy provides coverage for professional liability. This is simply not the way it is and many do not find out this fact until it is too late. The truth is that most of the general liability policies that are available today actually exclude professional liability coverage.

Of course, your risk exposure level for temporary staffing agency business insurance will vary according to the type of employees that you staff. For instance, if you provide organizations with paralegals or doctors, your risk exposure will be considerably greater than if you work primarily with blue collar companies. However, do not mistakenly believe that simply because you work with blue collar staffers you are exempt.

For instance, you may provide a company with a forklift operator that drives the machine into a building, backs into a luxury car or even runs over a pedestrian. This may be interpreted as a professional service provided by your agency and you can be held responsible for any negligence that does not fall under the coverage limits of your general liability policy.

Consider all of the assets of your firm

Physical assets as well as financial accounts, which follow your employees to every job on which you send them. The assets of your temporary staffing agency, rerouting agency or headhunting firm are what you have worked so hard to build. This is what is at risk if one of your staffers cause some sort of professional liability claim.

ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc specializes in the type of professional liability insurance for staffing agencies coverage that you need to protect your agency and is willing to take the time to discuss all of the service and benefits that you will receive. The next employee that you send out on a job could cause a disastrous accident that you will have to pay for out of pocket if you do not have the right type of insurance. Do not wait until it is too late. Click on the quote request button now to get the peace of mind that you deserve.