Upgrade now before your employees quit

Since our office has expertise with Employee Benefit Plans, I am involved and associated with many associations that work with the setup, delivery and implementation of Employer Sponsored Plans.    Even before the COVID 19 Pandemic (BP), employees indicated that the vast majority include benefits as a factor in their employment decisions with more than ½ claiming benefits are a “TOP CONSIDERATION”.

This coming from a recent article “Upgrade your benefits before your employees quit”, by Alyssa Place Feb 25, 2021.

As employees place greater value and importance on Employee Benefits, it is important for employers to keep up with competing trends.    Benchmarking is a necessary tool to measure your Benefit Offering among other like companies within your industry.

Our office routinely utilizes benchmarking reports when discussing new and existing benefit options with our clients.  Maintaining competitive, robust programs will not only attract top talent to you but will also keep the talent you already have with you.   Click here to review a sample Benchmark

If you would like more information regarding how your company can create, maintain or revamp a benefit program to attract, motivate and maintain employees, request a free copy of my book –   “Employee Benefits Blueprint” www.abm360solutions.com/benefits-book     or call our office at 800-362-2809.