Home Insurance or Flood Damage?

Major storms can damage and even destroy your home with fierce winds and rain. Please learn the difference between homeowner policies and Flood Insurance policies. Click here : http://www.getagreatquote.com/research-center/flood-insurance or Here http://www.getagreatquote.com/research-center/home-insurance

Plus, here are five steps to strengthen your home in preparation for a major storm.

1.      Secure loose shingles with roofing cement to keep them from blowing off. This will keep water out of your house.

2.      Fill cracks and holes with caulk, especially where phone lines and TV cables enter your house.

3.      Use shutters for windows and doors as these are critical entry points for water. Shutters may be your highest priced item on the list of things to do, but shouldn’t run over $5, 000.  Also, cover gables with shutters to keep rain out of attic.

4.      Impact resistant garage door with twice as many steel struts and stronger garage tracks will help considerably.

5.      Double doors will be less likely to blow open with barrel bolt anchors on top and bottom, a  1” deadbolt will help as well.  

You house will be stronger and more likely to withstand a storm and keep you from rebuilding your home and your life.  For more information contact ABM Insurance & Benefit Services at 1-800-362-2809 or visit www.getagreatquote.com for more details.