Have you considered a career in insurance? If you haven’t, then you’re possibly missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime!

The Insurance industry is always looking to add new talent into the industry.   Especially young, talented adults looking for long term careers.   In a rebounding economy, the insurance industry may be appealing to those seeking a new challenge or career.  

Why? Well, let’s look at the facts:

Insurance careers span an incredible range of skills and talents—from actuaries and analysts to data scientists and marketers to drone pilots and engineers… and the list goes on. Insurance is the backbone of the global economy. Without insurers and the thousands of different professions in insurance, businesses wouldn’t be able to build factories and offices. Concerts, sporting events, the film industry, even universities, libraries, and parks—all are made possible in part by the careful management of risk—and that’s what insurance does: It makes great things happen.

Working in insurance or one of the many related fields offers opportunities that extend far beyond the bottom line on your paystub, or the walls of your workplace. Whether you’re interested in serving your community, or experiencing different cultures around the world, or choosing a career path that offers real opportunities to grow and learn every day, a career in insurance can help bring your goals and dreams within reach.


I hope those reading will consider our industry or recommend to a neighbor, friend or loved one.   Insurance can be rewarding and has proven to be a exciting occupation for the past 22 years. 


If you have an interest, check out IIAT.org or review the many insurance job postings.   If you have any questions about a career in insurance, feel free to call me at 800-362-2809.



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