Single, young and male? Be prepared for hefty car insurance rates

In addition to health benefits such as decreased risk of heart disease and stroke, marrying a significant other brings with it yet another upside: lower car insurance rates, according to a new analysis conducted by insuranceQuotes
In fact, married 20 year-olds pays 21% less on average than their single counterparts for the same policy, and although the proportion of savings decrease, the markdown for spouses continues until age 30.
In addition, how much Americans pay for car insurance varies by gender. 
A 20 year-old man will pay 22% more than his 20-year old sister or girlfriend, for example. While this may upset members of the male population, the trend is short-lived: men between the ages of 30 and 55 pay slightly lower rates than women.
At age 55, however, it flips back in favor of women again.
Finally, insuranceQuotes  breaks down insurance rates by age.
As Americans grow older, their car insurance costs drop incrementally every year until age 60.  The decrease is particular prominent between the ages of 25 and 60, when rates fall 41%.
It’s worthwhile to note that while many Americans view senior citizens as hazardous drivers, 75 year-old motorists pay just 17% more than their 60 year-old friends.  And their rates are still 43% less than 20 year-olds.
“Plenty of families worry about when grandma or grandpa should stop driving, but the data shows that drivers in their teens and early 20s are much more risky,” said Laura Adams, senior analyst with  “Young drivers, in particular, can save money by qualifying for good courses.”student discounts, singing up for pay-as-you-drive programs and completing driver safety.

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