Electricians Insurance – Houston, Spring, Conroe, Webster, Texas

Independent electricians in the state of Texas have a lot to think about when building the insurance portfolio for their company. Electricians must
consider contractors insurance, general liability insurance, and state insurance requirements for all electricians, including electrical
sign and certain appliance installation contractors.

Insurance Planning for Electricians

Insurance planning for any business boils down to two very important things:

  • Assessing the risks faced by the individual business owner
  • Assessing the financial damage that the business owner faces through the above risks

Your risks will vary based on the type of work you do, whether you hire other employees, and the measures you take to help control risk exposure. No aspect
of your commercial insurance planning is cookie-cutter.

What do You Want out of Your Insurance Portfolio?

The state of Texas has certain insurance requirements for electricians. They require that you have at least $300,000 in general liability coverage per
occurrence for property damage and bodily injury and $600,000 aggregated totals. They also require $300,000 aggregate for products and completed
operations—all before you can even get your license. Whether you want to simply meet the state insurance requirements or you want a personalized plan
tailored to your individual needs, allow one of our experienced agents to work with you.

At ABM Insurance and Benefits Services, we have been meeting the insurance needs of Texas electricians for 28 years. We work with carriers rated by A.M.
Best with an A or higher and we understand the state insurance requirement as well as the every day risks faced by independent electricians.

ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc.

We have been providing Houston businesses with complete commercial insurance coverage since 1988. Our well-trained agents understand the distinct
requirements and exposures each type of business faces. As an independent agent, we work with many different carriers, which allows us to offer you the
best coverage at the best rates. We work closely with our business clients to provide coverage for their company cars, operations, products, assets,
employees and more.