November is Adopt a Pet Month

There are many reasons to get a pet. A senior pet may be your best choice!


Pets give us unconditional love and attention. They offer companionship and listen without judgment. While puppies and kittens are great, senior pets are loving, attentive companions with their own benefits.


Here are three reasons why adopting a senior dog or cat may be right for you —

  • Their personality is developed, so you’ll know if they are a good fit for your home.
  • They don’t need as much physical activity. They enjoy attention and love but don’t require the time a younger pet does.
  • There’s no question about size. They are the size they’ll stay!


Perhaps most important of all, senior pets are often overlooked at shelters and rescues. Once adopted, they’re so appreciative of you and their new home.

If you’re looking for a calm, loyal friend to add warmth to your home, think about what a senior pet can do for you!