How will President Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Impact your Business?

President Biden issued an Executive Order that will require Coronavirus Disease Vaccination for Federal Employees, Contractors and/or those that conduct work on behalf of the Federal Government.   Certain group of Private Employers are included in the order.   To read the order, CLICK HERE.

Here’s what’s known about the upcoming rule, keeping in mind these particulars may change in time:

 The rule will only apply to employers with 100 or more employees, measured companywide.
 Employers will be able to decide if they want to adopt a strict, mandatory vaccination policy or allow testing as an alternative.
 Employers must provide paid leave to receive and recover from vaccinations.
 Remote employees not working in contact with others will be exempt from the Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) –  (unless they come into the workplace).


Much is still unknown about the upcoming vaccine requirement, and it will remain as such until OSHA publishes the ETS however, you can download additional information and insights by CLICKING HERE  We hope you find the information useful.

We will provide additional information to our clients as it is made avaliable.   If you have any questions, please contact our office at 800-362-2809