You must enroll into a plan by December 15th or wait until next year

As a responsible family, you secure health coverage to protect you and your family in the event of a health concern so that you or your family will be able to receive the care required to regain good health.

Today’s individual health insurance market place, include HMO’s with high rates and high deductibles.  “What good is having health care coverage if you cannot afford to access care?”

 We have solutions for every family.   New exclusive products are  providing lower cost alternatives with first dollar coverage.

You will have the security knowing that you will be able to get the care you need when you need it – providing coverage that is affordable and provides health care options that are customized for you and your family.  Our agency has over 30 years of experience, providing the protection and/or insurance that is customized to each individual family. We hope to continue our relationship with you by providing you and your family with health coverage solutions in 2019.  Please call me or our staff at 800-362-2809.   Ask for myself, Crystal, Stevan or Frank.   We are looking forward to speaking with you and serving your health coverage needs.


p.s. Only a few of the plan options are listed online.   Call us and we can discuss the options that are available to you and your family.



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