Coupon for Tamiflu is here.

With the flu season still extremely active, People need ways to fight the virus before it hits. Recently, the Tamilflu and Generic “Oseltamivir” has released a coupon via Good RX. 

We all know Tamiflu and Oseltamivir are extremely expensive. “For both Medicare, Individual and even family members who I have talked to that have plans through their employers, Its typically a tier 3-4 copay (high cost).  We have found that Good Rx has some coupons for Walgreens and Walmart that people can use that will save them about $40 even if they have insurance.

We have attached the coupon that anyone can use, or they can go themselves to and print it out. We have found that Walmart is even about $7 cheaper, but of course you have to battle the long lines there.

We hope you stay healthy this flu season and get the medicine you need.  If you have further questions, contact me or our team at 1-800-362-2809   We are always looking for ways to help our clients and community.