Work Place Compliance for HR Support

Finding Reliable Sources For Compliance and HR Support

HR Benefits

Updating policies and remaining compliant on a vast number of issues in the workplace, as well as keeping
up on wellness, employee communications and other HR topics, are big
concerns and can be a burden for HR departments.

Gathering information from a variety of sources can be time-consuming and
tedious. You also need to ensure that you’re gathering accurate, up-to-date
information, which is a challenge when using the Internet. Misinformation
and confusion will not be an acceptable excuse if you are fined for
noncompliance with government regulations, so finding a good source of
information for HR support is crucial.

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What You Need

We understand that HR departments are spread thinner than ever, yet are
responsible for vitally important parts of the business: workplace
compliance, policies and procedures, employee communications, benefits
enrollment and much more
. Researching, writing and maintaining all the
information needed to stay on top of these tasks, in addition to handling
day-to-day responsibilities, can be time-consuming for an overwhelmed HR

For example, accurate, timely enrollment information is vital to smooth
enrollment periods and happy employees, but explaining benefits to
employees can take a lot of time. Good articles and explanatory materials
can cut down on the time HR needs to spend face-to-face presenting and
explaining basic benefit terms and information.

The Challenges

The difficulties of keeping up with changing government regulations are
numerous, especially in the current environment of massive health care
changes that affect businesses and individuals alike
. Search engines such
as Google can be used to look for information on a variety of HR-related
issues, but the endless list of results can be unwieldy and difficult to
sift through:

  • Relying on search engines will not alert you to new compliance issues,
    and you can’t search for a topic if you aren’t aware of what the new
    regulations are.
  • Random Internet searches can turn up an unmanageable number of results,
    wasting your precious time sorting through site after site.
  • Not everything on the Internet is trustworthy, so you need to spend extra
    time and effort making sure your source is up to date and accurate.
  • Government sites are reliable, but in many cases the lengthy legalese is
    confusing and time-consuming to read.
  • Sometimes, you just can’t find the materials you need, such as wellness
    program materials or appropriate employee communication newsletters.

A Single, Reliable Source

A central location with resources for all pertinent compliance information;
sample policies and guidelines for procedures; employee communication and
wellness program templates; and enrollment information and forms is the


Dispense with unreliable and inconsistent Internet searches by accessing a
client portal that features the following:

  • Up-to-date and easy-to-read compliance information
  • Answers to various business needs, including wellness programs and social
    media guides
  • Sample policies and forms for hiring, performance management, enrollment,
    employee handbooks and more
  • Ready-to-go employee communication pieces with options for

A client portal offers answers that are easily searched and quickly found,
written by trustworthy professionals in a readable format devoid of
complicated legalese.

If you’re interested in a single, reliable source to support your business
needs, contact ABM Insurance & Benefit Services to assist you with
gaining access to an information portal. You can reach ABM Insurance &Benefit Services at (281) 448-3040 or visit us at www.getagreatquote