Must Know Tips for Fighting This Year’s Flu

With the change in weather and holidays fast approaching, there’s a lot to do to get ready. It’s also the beginning of flu season, adding another layer of necessary preparations to safeguard health. The good news is that no one is helpless in the face of the flu. There are a number of ways to prime your immune system and sail through cold and flu season unharmed. These tips can help you avoid getting sick, and facilitate faster recovery if you do fall ill.*

Of all the factors that influence health, diet may be the most important. One of the keys to immune power is to avoid refined sugar and processed trans fats – these health-robbing substances can directly suppress immunity by increasing inflammation and fueling infection. Instead, opt for healthy, unprocessed foods with an emphasis on items that can help boost immunity.

Hydration is also critical. With good hydration, immune cells communicate efficiently and detoxification systems flush germs more easily. Drink at least eight, eight ounce glasses of filtered water a day. During times of illness or exposure, try drinking hot water with a slice of lemon throughout the day.

Relaxation and Sleep
Chronic stress and lack of sleep have similar effects – they dramatically increase the wear and tear on our bodies, hinder repair processes, and suppress immunity.

To reduce stress, help relax and get deep, restorative sleep, there are a number of natural solutions. In particular, mind-body relaxation methods such as meditation and deep breathing are well-researched stress relievers that promote restful sleep.

We hope you can make it through the season without issue. Most flu shots are covered as apart of your wellness benefit on your health plan. Contact your health plan to find a location nearby that is providing this benefit. If we can be of any assistance, call us at 800-362-2809 or