Conducting A Home Improvement Check-Up

Conducting A Home Improvement Check-Up

Updates and improvements are exciting and add value to your home, but when using a contractor for projects that are above and beyond DIY, always do your homework. Use these helpful check-up tips to make sure that your project stays on track.

Going over budget and extended timelines are two common home improvement issues, but you can make sure that your project is on track and exactly what you had been hoping for with these helpful home improvement check-up tips.

Check your Communication

Don’t let days go by without talking to your contractor. Make sure that you’re in constant communication. Be available if your contractor calls with questions that may be time sensitive, and on the flip side, if you have questions or concerns, feel free to call or text to clear things up.

Write it Down

Keep a journal of your project. Take note of progress and keep track of your timeline. Make sure that you date your written entries so that you have a record of exactly when things happened. Also jot down notes of any conversations between you and your contractor so you can have it for reference if any issues arise.

Take a Look Around

Don’t let days or weeks go by without checking on the progress of your project. Whether you’re living in the house while the work is being done, or have relocated, make sure to view the work often. Walk the project with your contractor and talk about where you are with your timeline and if problems have arisen. This is the time to make sure the job is progressing to your liking – not after the work has been completed.

Check Your Contract

You likely signed a contract before any home improvements began, so make sure that you are aware of what you signed and that both parties are holding up their end of the deal. If either party is in violation of the contract, a discussion should take place on how to proceed. If the contract has become null and void and you’ll have to search for someone else to finish the job.

Stay on Top of Your Budget

Things happen, and going over the budget is common, but don’t let a huge overage be a surprise at the end of your project. Reference your original estimate and make sure that you communicate with your contractor throughout the duration of project to make sure that you are aware of and approve of any excess spending.


Don’t forget to notify your insurance company

Notify your insurance company and or agent of any changes made to your property.   Many companies will provide discounts for things such as;  New Roofs, Alarms, new fences, etc.    Additionally, your improvements may have increased the value of your home.   Did you add a pool, outdoor kitchen?   If you homeowners insurance policy is not endorsed, it may not be covered.    If you ever have questions about your homeowners insurance coverage, you can call us at 800-362-2809.   We are always happy to help, even if we are not your agent.    If we are not your agent, you can get a fast free quote by CLICKING HERE