New “Understanding Medicare Guide” and “Medicare Starter Kit”

Well, the Medicare Open Enrollment Season for Medicare Advantage Plans has ended (Special Election Periods still Apply).   Unless you have a qualifying / Special Event, you will have to wait until next year (2017) to change your plan.   With 10,000 people per day turning 65, Medicare is becoming a hot topic in the social and political arenas.

If you, a friend, colleague or your loved one is turning 65 this year, you will have questions:

How do I enroll in Medicare?

What is Part A?   Part B? and Part D?

What is Medicare Part C? 

What does Medicare Cover?

What options do you have?

How can you maximize your benefits?

What should you avoid?

How do you get prescription benefits?

Will your doctor accept Medicare or a alternative?

With the endless number of options available, you will need expert guidance to navigate through the maze that is Medicare.   Let our team at ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc. help you.   Our staff has been working with Medicare Supplements / Advantage plans for 28 years.   Every persons situation and circumstances are unique and you need our experience is helping you maximize your benefits under Medicare.

If you own or manage a company, our team can help you establish a qualified retirement plan through your business that will save you and your employees a significant amount of money in premiums as well as deductibles and co-pays.  

We have released our New Medicare Starter Kit and posted an “Understanding Medicare Guide” CLICK HERE.   These are educational tools that will help a new Medicare recipient understand what Medicare offers as well as current Medicare recipients recognize how our services can help everyone maximize their benefits.

Don’t wait until you turn 65 to enroll.  Waiting or failure to enroll at the appropriate time may cost you money in penalties.    Call us today at 800-362-2809.   Ask for a Licensed Medicare Advisor for assistance.   You will be glad you did.