It has been 10 years since Astroworld Closed

Can you believe it?   It has been 10 years since Astroworld (Six Flags of Houston) closed down.   Opened in 1968 and closed in 2005, it is now just a parking lot for the Rodeo and other events hosted at nearby NRG Stadium.

Having grown up in Houston, Texas, I have some very fond memories of the park.   Such as;

  • Greezed Lightning
  • Texas Cyclone
  • Wagon Wheel
  • The Carnival style games
  • The water show
  • Bamboo Shute

All put together in a 100+ acre amusement park.  It reminds me of a more innocent time in life.  A time when our parents would drop us off 12-13 year old children without worry of us being hurt or making it home.   I spent many afternoons at Astroworld as a kid and without parental supervision.  The excitement of the freedom was only surpassed by the excitement riding the rides and playing the games.  

A couple of empty coke cans would reduce the ticket price in half and a $20 bill lasted all afternoon.   It was a time to be had and the experience will last a lifetime in my mind.   Hope you have some great memories of the park as well.  

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