Fake Obamacare sites already lining up to steal your information

Please be aware:

The Affordable Health Care Act kicks in on October 1, and cybercriminals are more prepared for it than we are. Because the Health Insurance Exchange isn’t “made up of a single authoritative site where people can go and register,” it’s particularly vulnerable to scammer and phishers who will ask you for personal identification and use it for, well, nefarious things. The quote is from Christopher Budd, threat communications manager for Trend Micro security, who wrote in a blog post that the best thing you can do to avoid getting scammed is to go to a “known, trusted source,” like the federal government site, for details. Either way, tighten up your online presence: Budd says Obamacare “could be the most significant new area for phishing and identity theft in the next year in the United States. It also can give established health care scammers a new field to look for victims.” Great.

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