Texas Health Insurance Options 

Open Enrollment Starts November 1st and ends December 15th.

(If you do not enroll in a plan during open enrollment, you will have to wait until 2020, to enroll in a plan)  


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Individual & Family Health Insurance 

As of 2014, all Americans must maintain a health insurance policy that covers, at least 60% of eligible expenses or pay a fine.  The fine for 2015 is 2% of the gross annual family income.  This amount increases in 2016 to 2.5%.  Tax credit / subsidies may be available.  While fines may go away in 2019, Medical Cost continue to increase and if you or a family member become ill and need medical care, you will need health plan or....... lot's of money.   

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Who is eligible for a tax credit or subsidy?
Individuals earning between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level are eligible for subsidies if they purchase insurance through the Exchange. For a family of one, 100% of the federal poverty level is $11,490 and 400% is $45,960. However, if an employee has access to a qualified, affordable employer sponsored health plan, the employee and their family members do not qualify for the subsidy. Affordable coverage means that the premium for employee only coverage would not exceed 9.5% of the employee’s household income.

Did you know that health insurance may be the most important type of insurance you can carry? 

  • As a responsible family, you secure health coverage to protect your family in the event of a health concern so that you or your family will be able to receive the care required to regain good health.
  • Today's individual health insurance market place, include HMO's with high rates and high deductibles.  "What good is having health care coverage if you cannot afford to access care?" - We have alternatives to high deductible - high cost coverage.
  • We have solutions for every family.   New exclusive products are  providing lower cost alternatives with first dollar coverage.   
    You will have the security knowing that you will be able to get the care you need when you need it - providing coverage that is affordable and provides health care options that are customized for you and your family.

Individual Texas Health Insurance Plans

Until recently, most people got their health insurance from their employer. People with low income got their health insurance from the government. But now, more and more people are buying private health insurance plans tailor-made for individuals. If you are one of these people, you should be seeking an individual health insurance plan from ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc. now.  We have NEW, proprietary plans that are saving Texans on their health care.

Why choose ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc.? Because we are an independent agency providing custom solutions to Texans seeking to protect themselves and family. We believe in total transparency. Compare options and then apply online from the convenience of your own home or office. The experts at ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc. will help you choose from:

  • HMO plans: An HMO, Health Maintenance Organization, is a specific type of health care plan that sets out guidelines under which doctors can operate. On average, health care coverage through the use of an HMO requires referrals for specialty care and does not provide coverage outside of the HMO.
  • Major Medical: Provides benefits for most types of medical expenses that may be incurred. Offering more complete coverage with fewer gaps, major medical insurance covers a much broader range of medical expenses – including those incurred both in and out of the hospital – with generally higher individual benefits and policy maximum limits.
  • Hospital Indemnity Plan: Most health insurance plans sold today are major medical plans but there are a few hospital and surgical health insurance plans on the market. Surgical health plans often aren't as comprehensive as major medical plans, but provide protection in the event of a hospital stay.  If you are healthy, you may not need an expensive comprehensive plan.  
  • PPO Plans:  Preferred Provider Organizations are plans that do not require referrals for specialty care and include coverage for accessing care outside of the PPO .  PPO networks are larger than HMO plans and tend to include more coverage than offered through a HMO.
  • Healthcare Cooperative:  Healthcare Cooperatives are small networks of physicians that form cooperatives to provide healthcare to their members.  Members pay a monthly membership fee and specific medical care is provided to cooperative members.   Coops can purchase group hospitalization coverage and prescription plans for their members that are low cost alternatives to traditional insurance plans.
  • Christian  Healthcare Sharing Plans - Call for details

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Since 1989, ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc. has been a leading Texas-based insurance advisor for individuals, families, and small businesses. We have earned a high level of respect for our service with our clients and insurance carriers. So what are you waiting for? You owe it to your health to complete the free, no-obligation form on this page today.  Call us at 800-362-2809 - we can customize a plan for you and your family.