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What kind of difference would a healthier, better motivated team make to your business? What if you could achieve that and save money at the same time?

You could do just that with group health insurance from ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, the specialists hundreds of firms in Houston and across Texas already rely on for employee benefits plans.

We've been supporting and strengthening Houston businesses for more than 25 years, with customized health benefits programs at some of the most competitive rates available.

Research shows that employees who are protected this way are healthier, less distracted by illness worries, and more productive. They're also likely to be more loyal -- a critical factor when you need to retain your best workers.

Additionally, an attractive employee benefits package from ABM Insurance & Benefit Services could be a powerful tool to help you recruit high-caliber employees for your team.

Texas Group Health Insurance Experts

Employee Benefits Expertise

Employee benefits experts at ABM will work with you to secure the group health insurance plan that precisely meets your needs at the lowest possible cost.

Their expertise will guide you through the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, help you achieve compliance, and identify more potential savings opportunities through business tax credits, higher deductible levels and multiple insurance coverage, for example.


With the changing insurance landscape, you need to make sure your company is in compliance with the law or expect to pay some fines / taxes.   Our team is here to help you remain in compliance with routine reviews, updated employee benefit manuals that include the required information and forms you must provide your employees, plan documents to help your pass a Department of Labor Audit, and routine updates to keep you on track of upcoming / pending changes that could affect your company.  Our staff can answer your questions regarding the ACA / Obamacare and we work for you!

Even If You Already Have Group Health Insurance, You May Find That We Can Provide More Effective Coverage For Less Money.

How do we do that? As one of the biggest, best-known and most respected independent insurance brokers in the Houston area, we work with scores of leading insurers. We do the leg-work to build your health benefits program around your business and employee needs.

More Health Benefits Support

And it doesn't stop there:

  • We provide online enrollments.
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) / Obamacare updates
  • We provide ACA / Obamacare compliant literature and guidance to you and your employees on group health insurance options.
  • We can answer any questions you or they have about their health benefits plan.
  • We keep in touch with you and your company's needs, adapting your plan to the changing shape of your business and the complex and ever-changing legislation.
  • We continually shop around and compare to ensure you're always getting the best possible group health insurance rates.
  • We respond quickly to your needs, with a 24/7 emergency line and a 24-hour return call pledge.
  • We can help you and your employees with any health benefits claims issues.

Here at ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, we've grown and built our reputation over the past quarter-century through integrity, a commitment to customer service and expert knowledge of specialist business areas like employee benefits.

What is new:

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With so much to gain and nothing to lose, shouldn't you be speaking to ABM about your Texas group health insurance needs?

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