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In Loving Memory of my wife Cynthia Alexander

Today, January 15, is the day marking one year since my wife passed. I am posting this message in her memory.

I will never forget the life we shared as husband and wife nor will my children ever forget their mother. She was my best friend and know that there will never be anyone on this great earth that can replace the love I had for her. As everyone that knows me would agree, this blog is not written for sympathy or attention but rather to honor this date and acknowledge that we are all on this earth but for a fleeting moment. Life goes by fast. Please tell your wife, children, mother, father, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, etc that you love them. Love your GOD! Love Yourself!
My wife passed away at the age of 33 after a 3 year long battle with breast cancer. Cancer was not prevalent in her family so, there was no need to consider that it might occur. It is for this reason that I ask all the women that read this blog to PLEASE, PLEASE, examine your breast. If you are a female and cancer is prevalent in your family, ask your doctor to perform the BRACA I and BRACA II test (genetic test that may determine if you are likely to develop cancer). If you are diagnosed with breast cancer and want to know what to expect, have questions or just need someone to talk to, call me. While I can not say that I have experienced the physical pain of cancer, I can say that I have experienced the pains of cancer.

While supporting my wife in her battle, we established friendships with many families, in similar situations. Not one of them expect to receive a cancer diagnosis. We all agreed that we would spread the message to all that would listen….. “no one is immune to cancer”. So then……. (Stop Smoking!, Drink in moderation! , Don’t Stress, Choose better food choices, etc.). If this message reaches one person that discovers cancer early or persuades someone to choose a better lifestyle…… mission accomplished.
So when you are worried about things….. that don’t really matter (?) remember that we are all here for a finite amount of time. Think what really matters and choose to care about those things that……. “Really matter” (picture of my children attached)!


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