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6 Tips for Saving on Your Auto Policy

When you become a car owner you are legally required to obtain insurance.  You insurance is now a basic requirement and is part of your transportation expense, like fuel, tolls, and routine maintenance.

There are many ways to save money and earn discounts on your auto policy. Here are our top tips for keeping your insurance costs down:

1. Decrease coverage for older cars

If you have an older car, you can save money by forgoing comprehensive and/or collision coverage and purchasing only liability insurance. Check the value of your car online in the Kelley Blue Book, and consider dropping optional coverage if your car is valued at less than 10 times the premium cost.

2. Vary your deductible

If you choose a higher deductible—how much you pay out of pocket for a loss before your insurance kicks in—you could save from 15 to 40 percent on the cost of your premium.

3.  Ask for Discounts

Ask your insurer about available discounts for:

-A good driving record, that means no accidents or tickets within the last three years.

-Get credit for your defensive driving course. If you recently took a course in the last year let your agent know.

-Credit score. The higher your credit the lower your rate.  Your score shows them you’re responsible.

-Driving less miles; If you lower the amount of miles you drive annually say you now work from home, changed jobs with less commute. Any of these things will drop your rate.

-Multi-policy savings; ex. If you purchase your auto insurance and your homeowner’s insurance from the same insurer they will lower your rate.

-Being a long-time customer. Loyalty does say something.

-New Anti-theft devices, new alarm, touch start, safety features as well including daytime running lights, seatbelt notification, these will all lower your premium.

4. Comparison Shop

 You can save hundreds of dollars a year by shopping around.  Be sure to compare at least three quotes for your insurance, and make sure that you’re comparing the same coverage levels and deductibles.

5. Buying a New Car Keeping Insurance Premium in mind

Be sure to shop insurance if you want to add a car before you make your purchase. A new truck will run higher than a 4-door car. Cars and trucks with good safety records and safety features such as anti-lock brakes can usually be insured at lower costs. Also keep in mind, sports cars—will come with higher insurance costs.

6. Teen Driver Insurance

New teen drivers mean less experience on the road, more likely to get in collisions.  For a better grasp visit us here

 Insurance rates for teens are usually higher, but there are ways to help control costs, including:

-Assign teen drivers to the least valuable car on your policy. (This is not an option from all companies.)

-Make sure your teen takes a driver’s training course.

-Ask about discounts for good grades. Some companies see this similar to a credit score.

 -Put teen drivers on a family policy rather than purchasing a separate policy.

If your teen attends college 100 miles or more away from home and doesn’t take a car along, you may be able to cut your premium, while still maintaining coverage for your teen driver during school breaks. For more information on teen insurance visit

Whether you work with an independent insurance professional or directly with an insurer, it’s worth talking through all of the options that can save you money on your car insurance.  Call ABM Insurance at 1-800-362-2809 or visit us at

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