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Breaking News! Changes is Law allow small employers to reimburse employees for Individual Insurance Plans using a HRA.

  In the past, only traditional Group Insurance Plans qualified for pre-tax savings.   However, changes in the health insurance law are now allowing employers to provide a tax savings plan for their employees that have individual health insurance coverage.  As an employer with less than 50 full time employees, group healthcare may not be an affordable option; however, providing healthcare expense relief to your employees at a tax savings is a great option to explore.   The plans will allow premiums for individual insurance to be made before taxes are calculated.   This will reduce the payroll tax burden for the employer and employee - therefore, this is a win-win! With a Qualified Small Employer HRA, you enjoy the flexibility of choosing the plan option that best works for you. Want expenses reimbursed? Want to allocate a set amount for qualified expenses? Choose from three types of plans: Insurance premium reimbursement only: Allows an employer elected doll ...
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Medicare Premiums Increase for Many Retirees in 2018


Most of the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment will be used to pay for higher Medicare Part B premiums.  The standard Medicare Part B monthly premium will be $134 in 2018, the same amount as in 2017. But many retirees who have been paying less than the standard rate for the past several years will see a jump in their premiums. Here's a look at how much you can expect to pay for Medicare Part B premiums in 2018.

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Open Enrollment for Individual Health Insurance Plans

It is that time of year.   Open Enrollment for individual insurance coverage through and outside the exchange must be completed by December 15th to secure coverage for 2018.   Much has changed in the Individual Health Insurance market place:
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IRS No Longer Accepting Silent Returns on Health Care Coverage

IRS No Longer Accepting Silent Returns on Health Care Coverage
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Thoughts and Prayers are with those in Las Vegas


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FEMA Assistance for those without Flood Insurance

It was noted that 80% of those in flooded areas do not have Flood insurance.   If you do not have flood insurance and experienced damage, we want to provide you with information for assistance.    FEMA has assets here in our area to help -   

To access FEMA assistance, complete an application at :    or call 1-800-621-FEMA (3362).


If you have flood insurance coverage and need assistance filing a claim, you can visit FEMA's site @

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Misinformation regarding new claim legislation HB1774 in Texas

The new law is designed to do two important things:
1. Discourage the feeding frenzy by lawyers and contractors following natural events occurring in Texas over the past several years. These unscrupulous actors have taken advantage of thousands of hard-working Texans over the past several years.
2. Encourage out-of-state insurance adjusters to come work in Texas following a massive disaster like Harvey. In the following days and weeks, it will be critically important for out-of-state adjusters to work in Texas to ensure that insurance claims are evaluated and paid in a timely manner.

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Your Vehicle Can Be Your Worst Enemy In a Flash Flood

Most of us think of our vehicles as safe places. They're tested in a hundred different ways to be sure they're safe. They're rated on how safe they are. They carry us safely to and from work and school and hundred other places day in and day out. 
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Please Stay Safe!

As Hurricane Harvey continues its path towards Texas / Louisiana,  I wanted to make sure you had some important links about "Hurricane Preparedness" and claims.   Hurricane Preparedness Resources   - Ready - FEMA  - American Red Cross - FloodSmart   Do You Need To File A Claim?   If you need to file a claim the best way to do that is to visit our website to access your insurance carriers claim center. You can also call us at 800-362-2809.  We will try to keep our offices open as much as possible. If for some reason we lose power, please call us at our emergency phone number 281-921-1307 if our main line goes down.  We have set up an emergency call center but we can never predict how things will work.   My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Stay safe.   Mike Alexander, Jr. ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc. 333 N Sam Houston Pkwy #750 Houston, TX 77060 ...
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HSAs, & How Medicare and Social Security Impact Them

If you want to try to self-induce a headache, give Medicare and Social Security a thought. Employers and employees need to understand how Medicare and Social Security affect contributions to a health savings account (HSA). 

While there are straightforward rules, the penalties for making improper contributions are high. Employees and employers should be educated to ensure they don’t break these rules.

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